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Green Star Showcase

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"We are proud to continue our partnership with Nordaq, which provides our guests a water offering that is convenient, eco-friendly, and refreshing. Their unique technology and delivery contribute to our guests’ satisfaction and experience at The St. Regis Aspen Resort. We are tucked at the base of majestic Aspen Mountain nearly 8,000 feet above sea level and with so many year-round outdoor experiences for all ages in our backyard, it is a priority that our guests stay hydrated. Nordaq’s unique filtration system goes beyond bottled or tap water and is reflective of our exceptional quality standards here at The St. Regis Aspen Resort"

Pooch Snoozer has cultivated and maintained a healthy relationship with the hospitality industry for years. We’re still at it, by continually listening and evolving our deep connection with the people, products, and progress of the space. We have several respected establishments that partner with us and a proven track record of delivering high quality, affordable, and ethically sourced products that meet our client's every need.


Some of the awesome, custom designed merchandise we offer is listed below -


Pet Beds

Customized pet beds with your branding featured at the forefront.

Feeding Mats

Tailored feeding mats that feature your logo front & center.

Ceramic Bowls

High quality bowls for food / water that come with your design built in.



The timeless accessory your pups will love! Can be customized to your liking.

Dog Treats

All natural treats in custom shapes. Pumpkin/peanut butter flavored. Can be frozen!


Green Gift Bags

Gift bags with goodies that are as useful as they are sustainable!

What's in a Green Gift Bag?

The green gift bags are provided by Pooch Snoozer to promote sustainable, environmentally friendly products used by all. Two bags for each pet bed ordered are given free of charge.


They include:

  • Pooch Paper sustainable poop pickup sheets

  • Earth breeze Liquid less laundry sheets*

  • 25% discount on a Pooch Snoozer pet bed

  • 10% discount code on Pooch Paper

Pooch Snoozer promotes environmentally friendly methods as much as possible. We use "rescued" stuffing that is obtained from Wiggys, a sleeping bag company. Stuffing that would otherwise go into landfills is used to,stuff our pet beds.

* Earth breeze donates the Liquid less laundry sheets to Animal rescues nationwide!!!

Create your dream bed.
Tell us your vision today.

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