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Pooch Snoozer’s have a  three-component design that utilizes a  “green” recycled stuffing bag and a water-resistant system that prevents soiling and bacteria permeation. Still maintaining a life-time of durability, thanks to the upholstery-grade materials used for our exquisite covers. All components washable together or separately. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Recycled, Hypo-allergenic stuffing encased in a non woven, lightweight breathable fabric.

  • The recycled stuffing is environmentally friendly, using plastic bottles that would usually otherwise end up in our Oceans and landfills. Pooch Snoozer saves  from 15 to 40 bottles per bed from going into our oceans and land fills!!

  • Complete with zipper to easily add more stuffing or take it out if your furry friend prefers less.

  • Shields the stuffing bag from getting soiled  and protects the stuffing from moisture which produces unwanted odor and/or bacteria.

  • Supplex cover is dual purpose too as it can also be used without the Upholstery-grade cover in Hot weather to provide a cool landing pad for your furry friend!

  • Withstands harsh outdoor conditions if your furry friend would rather be outside.

  • Water-Proof, zip-off removable cover for easy cleaning.

  • High grade material that resists tears and withstands years of use without degradation.

  • Aesthetically appealing enhancing the decor of your hotel rooms.

  • Matching piping for exquisite quality and to strengthening seams.

  • Reinforced zippers to ensure long lasting quality.

Do The Math

Average Cost of Pet Bed:

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Average Annual Pet Bed Cost:

Average 5 Year Pet Bed Cost:

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Pooch Snoozer



$170 one time


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